Stereotyping lesbians, gays and the like

Okay so in my case, I’m bi, but leaning on the lesbian side you know? Ja feel? lol

But anyway, having to explain to my friends—especially my GUY friends— what being a lesbian means is really frustrating if they stereotype you. Like, really. My guy friend said that he couldn’t imagine lesbians that aren’t “guy-like” or that are really feminine.

Really? Dude? 
So his definition of a lesbian is a girl who is “guy-like”. I understand there’s an actual definition for a masculine lesbian and a feminine one. 

A simple definition is that butch and femme lesbians adopt roles that have been traditionally associated with men and women, with butches assuming masculine identities and femmes assuming feminine ones.”

But what about being lesbian? It means being a homosexual woman. What does being homosexual mean, you ask?

a person who is sexually attracted to people of their own sex.

See, there it is. Plain and fucking simple. Girls who like girls, guys who like guys. You don’t have to be butch lesbian or a flamboyant gay to be lesbian/gay. But most definitely, there are butch lesbians and flamboyant gays out there. Does that mean all lesbians/gays are butch/flamboyant? HELL TO THE NO!

I just this issue needs more attention. This is a sensitive topic for me, and as a part of the LGBT community, I don’t like being stereotyped.



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